Swimming Pool Shipping

The weather across the country is finally warming up. Soon everyone will be exploring ways to keep cool. It is not commonly know that swimming pools can be shipped to your location. Believe it or not everything from in ground pools to above ground pools, hot tubs and spas can be shipped. Often the manufacturer offers free shipping when you buy their product.

Poolwarehouse.com ships all polymer and steel pool kits and in ground pools via free shipping. Companies offering shipping may include everything for your pool needs like liners, chemicals, pumps, filters and other accessories.

Turn your backyard into a fun and happening party place with a new pool delivered and set up at your door. Check the individual company requirements as many deliver, but do not set the pool up. In this case you will need to hire someone with the machinery to put the pool in place.

Once your pool is in place be sure to check the local code for guidelines on pool safety. It is very important to physically supervise children around a pool to avoid accidents. You may want to invest in pool alarm systems to prevent accidents.

Here in Phoenix Arizona swimming pools are very common. There are many pool service companies to choose from to make sure your pool water is safe to swim in. Swimming pools can be low maintenance with a little help. Chemical balance and appropriate cleaning on schedule, work to keep your pool ready for you, your friends and family. So, this summer take my advice, get a pool and stay cool. The forecast is for a warmer than normal summer here in the western US. Be ready.

Green Driving

The Department of Energy is now offering $35,000,000 in funding. Specifically for fuel cell and hydrogen production technologies, hydrogen delivery, and hydrogen and fuel cell manufacturing.

Part of the funding will go to communities to assist in implementing hydrogen and fuel cell technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and prepare the community for climate change.

In other “Green” news: VIA motors plans to sell 50,000 plug-in hybrid trucks and vans by 2018. The vehicles will have a combined fuel rate of 100mpg with an electric only range of 35 to 40 miles. The roadblock with hybrid vehicles is still in the batteries.

Greenhouse gas emissions in the US were at the lowest level in 17 years in 2012, largely the result of a significant reduction in coal-fired electricity and a rise in cleaner fuel electricity. Carbon Dioxide emissions rose globally 1.4% worldwide. Wind and solar accounted for only 4.5% of 2013 total electricity, but this is an increase of more than 950%.

Gas prices plummeting encourages waste. It is still time to conserve and protect. Greenhouse gas emissions on Earth need to be reduced significantly by 2020 (5 short years from now) in order to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. Don’t forget to plug in your car.

Oil Shipments Out of North Dakota

A HUGE controversy surrounds the shipment of oil across the United States. The trains shipping this product are growing longer and heavier and the bridges supporting them are not often inspected. This is a scenario for disaster. Train wrecks, explosions and loss of life have already occurred in Canada and the US. The solution to this problem is held up in a stale mate of who is going to pay for the bridge improvements. Let’s hope no new disaster occurs while the railroad owners and oil execs are squabbling over the greed. Someone needs to step up to the plate because if something happens we are going to blame them both.

The North Dakota shale is like gasoline and highly volatile. The natural gas separates from the oil and forms an explosive layer on top of the crude. Two explosions have occurred in Canada and three in the US. As they try to determine the bottom line after paying to fix the bridges, people across the country stare in fear at the polluting and explosive trains rumbling heavily through their towns. For more information check out: http://stories.weather.com/boom